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Details on NCSD Notice requiring APN's when NCSD code does not require them in a way that disenfranchised voters/protesters and caused people who want to protests to be unable to.


Protest Ballots must be in the Nipomo Community Services District (NCSD) office

by November 21, 2014 at 2 PM,

How To Protest Meeting Announcement:

NCSD Water Rate Increase Protest Information Meeting:

An information meeting on how to make a ballot and then fill it out for the 218 Nipomo Community Services District Water Rate Increase Protest.

Information and help will be provided on:
What a ballot could look like.
What a ballot must contain to be valid.
How to look up the required APN on the County Tax Assessors web site.
How to look to see if your name as an owner is on the County Tax Assessors web site.
What you can do if you are an owner but your name is not directly listed on the County tax assessors web site.

How “no” and “yes” ballots are counted if more then one person votes.
If you are a renter who pays a bill find out how you ballot is counted.

How to get you ballot in so it can be counted before the deadline of November 21st at 2pm.


Nipomo Branch Library meeting room
918 West Tefft, Nipomo

Saturday, November 15th from 11am to 2pm
Tuesday, November 18th from 3:30pm to 5:45pm









Protest Ballots must be in the Nipomo Community Services District (NCSD) office

by November 21, 2014 at 2 PM,


So they must be mailed way before that to show up on time.

Or they can be hand delivered to:

Office location: 148 South Wilson Street, Nipomo, CA (805) 929-1133 which is open 8am to 4:30pm M-F

The green drop box in the driveway is always open 7/24 and can be used to turn in ballots: Picture of green drop box.

NCSD Drop off Box

A copy of the NCSD Notice of Right to Protest with the misleading points highlighted is here.

The only notice you will get from NCSD that you can vote is here. But it is very misleading.

NCSD reneges on May 2013 statement that "rates will not increase to pay for the project"

05/03/13 Adobe, Nipomo CSD approves pipeline funding plan

Nipomo CSD approves pipeline funding plan
MAY 02, 2013 12:00 AM • BY ADOBE STAFF

..............The total cost, including preliminary work already done, is expected to hit $17.5 million.

However, customer rates will not rise to pay for the project, noted Michael LeBrun, district general manager ........




How much are rates going up?

You need to ask just for this increase or for all the increases(draft)?

On top of the proposed rate increase indicated in the NCSD notice, which includes a water usage fee and a meter fee.

The NCSD has pre-agreed to rate rates any amount needed to cover any future rate increase that the City of Santa Maria charges. Given that the City of Santa Maria has not bought the water needed to be able to sell water to Nipomo. This has the potential to to become a a huge unknown preaproved future increase.

NCSD has not included the $6.35 "Litigation" fee in there table.

NCSD has all ready passed a set of 5 yearly 9.5% rate increases. The third of the five takes effect on November 1st 2014. When passed NCSD claimed those rate increase were not going to be used for the project.

NCSD has a server water shortage rate increase that is on hold for now that would keep your water rates the same if you cut your use severely (25-50%) but would increase the costs of those that can not and do not cut back as much to recover the same amount of money they would receive before the increase.

And that is just on the NCSD water side. There are other future NCSD increases coming for the new Sewer plant expansion and trash service.

The NCSD table corrected for the current October rates before the 9.5% November increase would show the current average is $108 bi-monthly, the proposed increase with a bunch of other pre-approved increases is $171.94 next year. But that is an considerable under estimate as it does not include all the rate increases.

For estimates of the total increase go: here

May 9th 2012 Thank you for voting "NO" the first time:

The results were counted and reported around 5pm on 5/10/12. They were very close:

NCSD Ballots Opposed 1934 72.5% of Total NCSD Ballots
NCSD Ballots In Favor 735 27.5% of Total NCSD Ballots
Yes vote dollars $6,918,562.00 48.01% of Total Voted dollars
No vote dollars $7,493,424.38 51.99% of Total Voted dollars
Total voted dollars $14,411,986.38 67.15% of Total ballot dollars
Total ballot dollars $21,463,314.00

NCSD Rate Protest Signs going up:

NCSD Rate Protest Sign

















For many more details on the project and the 2012 vote please go to the older web site


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